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Old 06-23-2017, 02:13 AM   #4921
Captain Hammered
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I first posted this down below as an independent thread, before I saw this story post thread. Yep - I'm blind.

Anyway; I've moved it here to the proper place for stories, so here it goes:

Ohhhh Skimmers are such boneheads!
...Not that my own tactics portrayed a particularly scintillating genius. MAN I wish I'd grabbed a screenshot but I just got attacked by two of the dumbest destroyers I've ever seen.

Ever since dawn I've been stalking a juicy convoy E of Java: a couple of tankers and a mix of light and medium freighters; about 8 targets total. They are escorted by a trio of destroyers; each commanded by a Captain who is clearly not the brightest Rising Sun in the Imperial Navy.

Hey - I survived; I get to laugh at them.

Shortly before dawn I'd picked up the sound trace of a convoy heading East; I aimed in that direction, went to flank and pursued in moderate early morning haze and calm seas. Searaven performed with her usual superb response, leaping after the enemy like a bloodhound. By 8 we'd spotted the convoy - or more accurately the trailing escort. As is my habit I try to draw these schmoes off by staying on the surface then diving at the first shot - sometimes they forget their duty and try to kill me leaving the convoy alone.
Well, they didn't do that; they hung around for a bit then returned to the convoy - by that time I was end-running around the target at breakneck pace; getting well in front by about 1500. This is where I made my mistake: the reef was just to the East and I'd paused to take readings in exactly the wrong spot. The escorts came into view before I could get out of range; I wound up trapped on the reef (117.2 7.8) with the whole shebang chugging right over my head.

I was soon spotted, and over came the destroyers to wreak massive destruction on my poor frail little boat.

Destroyer #1 (Curly) came in with a bone in his teeth; I watched the sound contact sweating. I threw the rudder hard over at the last second; Curly roared overhead, dropping depth charges.

He missed.

His charges did however detonate on the reef; blowing his bloody stern off.

He stayed floating for a couple of minutes then sank in a gloriously ignominious fashion; bow pointed rather fetchingly at the sky.

Larry came by a few minutes later - this time right up my rudder. I twisted Searaven to port, sending SS-196 around the bow of one of the tankers. Larry had to take a wide line, came around and hammered me - I took some mild damage; my deck gun is wrecked - and HE gave himself a lethal colostomy as well; sinking about halfway beneath the waves while 8 ships' worth of Japanese merchant sailors watched and shook their heads sadly.

Moe's still back there trying to catch up with NO idea what the heck just happened. I imagine he'll be saying "Whoops" when he sees the burning remains of his two colleagues ahead - and the burning wreckage of the convoy shortly after. Just an hour to nightfall - I'm down to 50% battery but come nightfall my boys are going to have a happy sinkfest; this poor widdle convoy is all by its wonesome.

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Again, welcome everybody, I'm new on the forum
Here is my little story from my new campaign vanilla SH4, Patrol 1

So, I decided to start new campaign. Nothing unusual. I had to decide Captains name. I decided to get Tambor class and Captain name from first captain of USS Tautog (One of the best submarine on Pacific due to WW2, also stationed on Pearl during attack). So I named my captain - J. H. Willingham.
I started a new campaign and what happend? Game set my sub name to USS Tautog

First war patrol - Mission - Agent insertion to Osaka. No problem there. Went to Midway on full ahead, then ahead slow to Japan waters. About 50-100nm from Osaka I got my first merchant contact. Standard procedure, periscope depth, battlestations, periscope up. Made all my calculations on map, and waited for target. Identified as Large Modern Composite. 3 tubes open, torpedo depth set to 24 (In book there was 28.9ft) due to rough sea also switched to "contact". Fire 1, 2, 3. Wait, and wait. Good positions of torps, aaaand? What happend? All 3 torpedoes went under ship! What the heck? Merchant spotted torps and started evasive manuevers. I shoot another 3 but it was too late. All 3 missed again. I lost my 6 torps on my first target! I was so mad, ordered surface the boat, and do things with thing that always work. After 10 shots of my 4'50", she wasn't so happy as she was after evading torps
But still mad due lost of 6 torps.

Later, after insertion on Osaka (I did this on nightime, safer due to land artillery), I met small modern freighter on Tomogashimasuido Strait which was enter to the port. Battlestations, shoot two torps (I needed one but as went later it was good decision due first one was a dud). I wanted to see his captain face "Ahhh finally safe, 10 minutes and we are at the land... TORPEDOES PORTBOARD!!!" Kaaboom, on the midnight such a big explosion

After leaving Osaka and Kiisuido Bay I got orders to went to the East China Sea for patrol. Good, because I thought it's the end of orders, I wanted to stay at Philiphines sea and sink some more merchants. Went to East China Sea. Sunk 3 merchants. End of patrol, let's get out from here boys! After passing Riukiu Islands I spotted Huge European Liner with escort of... 4 DDs! 4 Akizuki escorting one merchant? That must be an officer ship! I had only last 4 aft torpedoes. So this had to be accurate shot, no other chance! Dove to 230 to close without beeing spotted, then periscope depth, used TDC, fast calculating, all 4 went away. All 4 hits, no duds! She was sinking! All 4 DDs were confused, didn't even know from where torps were launched. So to leave undetected I set 300 ft depth. But, I didn't noticed that I had 30% hull damage due last aircraft bomb... At 280 I had a flooding... That can't be true! But hopefully after that liner sink I saved the game. It was because my stupidity and no knowledge about Tambor specs. Now I know that red line is Crush Depth with undamaged hull... I just couldn't leave it on first patrol, sorry

I went back undected and plotted course to the Midway and then full ahead to the Pearl. I got 9 merchants with about 69000 tons. But I also damaged patrolling Akizuki. Nice beggining of the war I also got Medal of Valor.

That's my little story from first war patrol after getting back to the game. Maybe I write some more if I get alive
Hope you liked it. Regards!
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Old 07-27-2017, 10:54 AM   #4923
SUBSIM Newsman
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Default Welcome to SUBSIM Silenthunter183

Nice intro.
Nothing in life is to be feard,it is only to be understood.

Marie Curie

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My First Campaign Battleship!

Had been patrolling the mouth of Kii Suido for days with some mild, single target successes. A lone destroyer had been sent out to try to hold us down or scare us off. They were easily evaded and after a time, they moved off to the NW. While we were monitoring his departure, and by accident, I picked up a large convoy on the hydrophone exiting Kii Suido. We pointed our nose at them and as luck would have it, they steamed directly at us. As they got closer, individual screws could be picked out. There was not a single merchant among the dozen or so warhips. The task force spread across 30 degrees of the hydrophone dial.

It was very dark but eventually a Fuso Battleship could be distinguished as the closest target. Purely by accident, the escorts passed harmlessly to either side as we chugged along at a silent and safe 2kts at peri depth trying to head off the Battleship.

Frantic Speed, distance and heading was calculated with my shaking hands. I had my 90 degree setup and my type 10s would be within range with just a short run. All torps fore and aft were set to run just under the keel with mag detonation. The plan was to fire a four spread from the bow and then turn and add two more either at the fuso or, if it was going down, anything near it.

Despite having my scope up way too much, not a single ship raised an alarm.

As she passed through the cross hairs, we fired an in-line balistic spread of four from the bow to rake her broadside. Because of the proximity of other ships in the formation, I didn't want to crank the rpms for my 180 to bring the aft tubes to bear. This made the turn around agonzingly slow. The nail biting was interrupted as three of our four fish hit home. Not sure if the first was early and crossed her bow or the last may have ran deep. The burning battleship rolled heavy towards us and sank almost peacfully with a slight stern-first settle.

All hell broke loose and I lost my nerve for the stern tubes. Imagining a horde of escorts headed my way, we zeroed the rudder and took her deep. Turns out I could have taken a stern shot since the escorts appeared to have almost no idea where I was. They never over-ran me. Three buzzed around for forty minutes or so and then they all hi-tailed it back to the formation. We were alone on the surface, charging batts approx 1 hour after firing.

My first battleship in a campaign! 34 thousand tons ought to get me a new shiny boat and a promotion!

It must have been disheartening to them to suffer a loss basically at their front door before they'd even really got started. Thoughts of their lady friends and a hero's send off cut short by the sight of one of theirs gowing down in flames in home waters--Not the way for them to start a mission.

Again, a lone destroyer approaches from the straight. He bee-lines me and makes a depth charge pass. With plenty of warning, we had max depth, silent running and easily scooted out from under the charges. A slow crawl away to night and safety.

With an inventory of only three torps aft, we round Wakayama's southern peninsula and head NE to run up the Japanese coast toward Tokyo. With any luck we'll snag a loner and then head to Midway and Pearl to pick out our new shiny boat!

--No big shakes for you vets but for me this was a big night! I have recently gone to 'no map updates' so this was doubly exciting to have such a success with the new challenges.

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Old 11-24-2017, 12:27 PM   #4925
Machinist's Mate
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An image from the mod FOTRS Ultimate v 0.63 that I thought was interesting.
Intel Core 2 duo CPU E6650 @ 2.33 GHz | 2 GB of memory |
Nvidia Geforce 8400GS graphic card | OS Windows 7 32 bit.
Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157
[C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 4\MODS]

-Bigger Better Protractors

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Default Captain Moron Reporting

It seems some things in life never change. I played SH4 YEARS and years ago. Came back a couple of weeks ago and got it running on win10 WITH YOUR HELP. Then i got it modded up WITH YOUR HELP. All the while I've been practicing and learning. Sub school training. Quick missions. YouTube tutorials.

Everything's working like a charm and I've remembered playing from years ago. Add to that Rockin Robbins "fighter avoidance" vid, several Dick O'Kane vids, some Cromwell attack vids and I think I'm ready to go.

The quick missions go so well my crew decides to "stay with me" as I go to my campaign assignment. I mod up with FOTRSU and we're off.

The first thing I notice is I'm not avoiding these fighters as well as I did in training. The crew notices as well. Every time I get notice of a fighter contact, he's on me before I can get to radar depth. EVERY TIME.

Deep in Japanese territory, I cease use of "time compression" to see if FOTRSU might be letting them get too close before switching to "1x" real time.

Nope that's not it. And I really didn't think it WAS because I'd used time compression in training and gotten below well before any fighters spotted us. Hmmm. Gotta figure this out cause we're getting more and more damage and the crew is really starting to grumble under their breaths. I can't come down on them too hard though. I'm grumbling as well. And I'm staying up late at night trying to figure out why we're getting so beat up by fighters that should never see us. Dang it must be this more realistic FOTRSU. One lucky explosion and we won't have to worry about ANYTHING any longer.

Meanwhile, I set up my first 45 degree Cromwell attack. Years ago all I ever used was Dick O'Kane. The attack goes swimmingly. I loose three M14's tearing through the 10 foot waves into the steel flank of a "modern tanker." As the crew and I await our report card, the grades come in. THREE HITS. Two duds.

REALLY? My first Cromwell attack and it goes to perfection only to find that 66% of the ammo is faulty. I hear rumblings among the crew. I'm not responsible for dud swimmers but on top of all the damage we've been taking from these Japanese Fighters, I can't really BLAME them for not being happy.

Oh well. I'm happy the Cromwell thing worked out. It's another trick in the bag anyway. We've sunk 14 ships, we're out of torpedoes and the deck gun is useless. Everyone on board has had a go at it. It ain't working.

Time to head for Midway for refit and refuel. On the way, I'm going to review boat systems to pass the time.


I call my radar op to my bunk and dismiss my XO. It's just me and Anderson, the scope watcher. We converse in hushed tones heads side by side. Each of our lips close to the others' ear.

"Anderson, I've just been reviewing op procedures."


"Am I to understand that when we installed that FOTRSU... the default operating state of our SD RADAR is... 'OFF?'"


"Do you mean to tell me, we've been getting shot to hell by these Japanese fighters because we're not even USING the SD RADAR I spent that renown on?"


"What in God's name have you been doing during your shifts?"

"Staring at the scope, sir."

"But the radar's not ON."

"No sir. But my job's watching the scope, sir."

"Anderson, get your ass to the scope and press "T" NOW. Get that radar on and never turn it back off.... And keep this conversation between you and me."

Refit went well at Midway and I expect morale to slowly improve as we avoid future fighters with more success.

Captain MORON... signing off.

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Don't post all.

But now that I have SH4, I think I may have to post some screenshots. It'll be some time before I start running mods, but one day soon, I'll have some sexy screenshots like the rest of yous.

Stalking a Commonwealth convoy south of Perth.

Later that night, Coastal Command sent a patrol to investigate.

U-181 surfaces inside of Dampier harbor to pick off smaller craft with the deck gun, having already torpedoed three Liberty ships at anchor.
New American Home-Defense weapon.

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Snow Rose
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A couple screens from my OM campaign

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Geoff then
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Default Probably the best engagement of my entire life

I was just test running my own mini mod pack (basically TMO 2.5 + ISP 2.4-scene.dat + few little extras)
and started of on a Balao in Australia 1943. So it was August 1943 and i was raiding the Bismarck Sea. So far I just had a small tanker on my list, when I received a transmission that indicated a task force wsw to my position at 24kn. So I went southwest with ahead flank, there it was, the radar contact.
Visible on the radar were 4 core ships + 5 or 6 destroyers. Juicy. It was night and vision was very bad, so i went on a parallel course heading towards them and as soon as i got vision i went on persicope depth. They were still pretty fast so I assumed they were still doing their 24kn. AOB was also no secret because I was on a parallel course. I just needed to get close to one of the core ships to get range. I ordered silent running and slowed down to 2kn. When the first core ship got close enough it was already time to shoot. I couldnt completely determine which type it was, only that it was a heavy cruiser. Since they all had similar mast height I just went for the mogami if I recall it correctly. Put in the range and AOB, started the computer and began to dive. When i was at about 100ft I blasted a full salvo of 10 slow speed long range fish with a spread angle of 35°. After about 2 min i head the first Impact, then 2 Impacts in quick succession. These were followed by massive explosions meaning two ships were gone for good. After another 30 sec or so again: One Impact followed by 2 Impacts in quick succession. Still diving, I could hear another ship exploding and sinking. Slowly afterwards, the destroyers started pinging me, but I was already pretty deep. Some evasion hassle went on for some time, forcing me to get close to 600ft, but i managed to evade them with no damage. While I was listening to the destroyers getting more and more range in between them and me, I noticed that there were no more ship sounds except the destroyers. I knew I had sunk 3 ships and there were 4 cores so I assumed, the last one was also hit and DIW. That meant for me: heading back to periscope depth. While climbing I quit silent running in order to put at least one fish into the tube. After looking through the periscope for a pretty long amount if time I managed to spot the missing one. Barely visible, but still easy to recognize, it was a Shokaku, listing heavily to their starboard side. Only one destroyer was between me and it, the other ones were pretty far away, bombing some dolphin?!
So I went back to 450 feet while getting closer to the last target. My plan was to rise back to periscope depth after passing under the Shokaku and hit it with my rear fish. But I miscalculated and I came up right in front of it. I noticed the sea had become rougher, and also the destroyer that was guarding it had somehow got notice of me. So as he was pinging me I put out the 11th fish towards the Shokaku, that already had started sinking seconds after I fired. Watching the explosion was still very satisfying. After that I went for ahead flank ordered 575ft depth. The following pursuit went for about an hour and they managed to get 2 hits on me, with only minor damage that could be repaired quickly. After that hour they lost me and soon took off. So I managed to wreck 4 capital ships with 6 hits of a 10 torp salvo. I really had not expected that. But oh my what a catch it was.
Where is my medal?
"Natürlich ist das 'n Weihnachtsbaum, oder meinste damit wird die Brücke getarnt, oder was?"

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Default THe

Hello All!
I recently got command of a new boat in my Silent hunter 4 play-through! The USS Trout! I hope you all enjoy!

Feed back is always welcome!
Check out my YouTube channel!
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Ralles RealModPack V1.3 for SH4 V1.5

Secret Service (ESS)
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