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Default Balearic Islands

Seeking some alternatives to the very few destinations I have in the Med region(Barcelona, Nice, Bari, Athens, with Rome developement for FSX being delayed), I stumbled over the Balearic Islands package by Aerosoft.

And I almost ignored it due to the price, which is a little bit hefty with 50 Euros.

But then I started to investigate the web for it, ands found that most if not all reviews give it top notes, sometimes scoring maximum points. And that it features photoreal terrain. And that this photoreal terrain is also active at night. And that they included three major and one small airport in full detail level like any Aerosoft airport addon (the big hubs for Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca). Damn, that airport in Palma really is a big one, I did not know hob big it actually is!

Well, I had closer looks at screenshot, and liked extremely what I saw, and I found videos.

I got it today, and did one first quick cruise with my tiny little cute Legacy.

I must say this is probably the best looking scenery I have ever used in fight simulator, landscape wise I mean! The phototextures look very good, the colpours are believable, the autogen placement is both excessive and precise, and the whole photoreal thing works very very good at night as well! Usually, you cannot use photoreal sceneries because they show a daylight photo with no inbuild light effects. Here, they have done right that. The cities look very good, the landscape invites for some extremely low flying.

And the frames. Unbelievable: I have no impact on them. I cannot explain it, although for this scenery I ran a 30 cm resolution!

The scenery serves great as a IFR destination for airliners, as well as VFR flying or, in my case, first systematic steps into the world of aerobatic flying (with my Lancair Legacy of course). I did my aero exercises with constant 30 frames, locked. And heavy clouds!

I now think that calculating value for money, this package actually is very cheap:

- 2 airports big and detailed that usually would cost 20-25 Euros each
- 2 smaller airports that would usually cost in the range of 15-20 Euros each
- photoreal texturing with extreme quality on all three islands, normally stuff like that costs 40-50 Euros
- photoreal night textures costing even more
- generally extremely really extremely high quality in the whole package.
- and the package suits you well both if you do IFR or VFR, big iron or small flies.

The covered terrain is not small. Mallorca alone is over 100 km in diameter.

They deliver for the money, they surely do! If you want a one-deal package with as much quality content as possible covering all flyers' kind of needs, because you do not feel you want to embark on a long collection fray for airports and scenries piece by piece (and gold coin by gold coin...), then this one should be considered to you! The value-for money relation pretty much tops the charts, imo.



The package was formerly released as three individual products for each of the main islands.


With this, Barcelona and Nice nearby, I now have the Western Med nicely covered. I could use one or two destinations in the central region, however. The Eastern Med I do not fly to, it's too far away form the geographic focus of the majority of my airports addons.

Development is running on Prague, Gdansk and Rome. Zagreb is still leaving an empty spot on my map. I am considering Nantes to fill a hole in that region. Helsinki is too expensive compared to what you get for the money.

My coverage of major IFR destinations in central Europe and bordering regions is nearing completion, slowly but surely!

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