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Originally Posted by emmetthi View Post
I was going thru some old and forgotten game software and found this game. And I remembered how good it was and decided to get it up and running again. Then I wondered if anyone was still playing. And I stumbled on your tutorials. You have giving me the desire to get going again with this great game.
I got fairly decent at it way back when. Your guides will be very helpful in becoming proficient.
Your explanations are spot on, clear and precise!
Thanks again.
An oft-overlooked treasure this and, as someone observed earlier in this thread, it's a pity more was not done to make it even better. I also have stumbled upon this thread and must take the time to go through these tutorials carefully... accompanied by Aktung's big pot of coffee.

I recently looked into the bowels of this sim intending to disable the dreadfully intrusive turret-drive sound, which I find sooo distracting when sweating it in the upper gunner's position... but I find that there are no WAV or Config. files for the sounds here, such as you find in other sims like CFS3 or Microsoft Flight Simulator. Is there any way to get rid of this noise, ikrananka... there's nothing can be turned off in the "options" menu as I recall...?
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Default welcome back!

accompanied by Aktung's big pot of coffee.
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Wow! Just stumbled on this thread. It brought me back to the days of the v8th OPS group I was in many many years ago. I still have my disk, and many of the mods we used back then, might be time to reinstall.

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