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Default US-civil war mod idea

I dont know how to mod. But if there is someone who knows and at the same time is a US-civil war enthusiast like myself, think about this for a moment: A mod for SH4+UBM that allows you to play naval operations for both sides. I see it before me: Blockading southern ports and hunting blockade-runners with the union, or try to break through said blockades as the confederates. Playable units Union: Steam/sail blockade-ships like USS Housatonic, Ironclad USS Monitor, Submarine USS Alligator. Playable Units Confederates: Blockade runners (cargo missions to european or south american ports), Submarine H.L. Hunley (Not making monthlong patrols of course, you start at, lets say, Charleston, and the Union blockade ships would be about 1 kilometer away), CSS Alabama (Commerce raiding just like Silent Hunter intended it), Ironclad CSS Virginia(Kicking ass) or the torpedo-boats like CSS David wich would have similar tasks as H.L. Hunley. I know this Idea is crazy, no need to tell me. And I KNOW that many of these ships wouldnt have operated as flawless as they would in a game, but there is no good game out there (Ironclads is not a good game btw) that depicts US-civil war naval warfare, and definitly none that depicts US-civil war submarines. Please make this happen one day.
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Pacific Thunder
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It would be a great game, I'd buy it ; )
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This game exists and it costs CHF 2.50

See also here.

Edit: Oh I just saw you were aware of the Ironclad series. Why do you say it's not a good game? The real time naval battles are the best I have seen in any game, I can only think of Rule the Waves of coming close in regards of realism. I find the strategic map mode a bit cumbersome to navigate but the mechanics as such seem realistic and useful to me.
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