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Bilge Rat
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Default Periscopes go down by themselves

I'm very new here, barely 10 hours into the game. I've encountered an issue, where no matter what, the periscopes don't want to go up. As soon as I press the keybind or on screen button to raise it, it immediately starts to go down by itself.
Am I missing some sort of mechanic here? Is this supposed to happen for some reason?
I haven't found any information about this anywhere.
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Steel Sharks Bdu
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Hi MrHombre Welcome to Subsim

when rasing the attack scope keep your finger on the page up key until it reaches the top with a clunk noise then your your good to go
lowering the attack scope is the page down key keep your finger on it until its all the way down

For Observation scope Ins key to raise Del to Lower keep your finger on the key until fully raised

also when in mid war 1942 onwards don't keep your scope up for too long your telling the escorts and merchants in the Convoy were you are with your Periscope wake
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Mad Mardigan
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Default Re: Answer to ''Persicopes go down by themselves...

Hmm... Depends, if you are using mods & have h.sie's included & using it, that is normal. Especially more so, if you have your sub submerged & going full bore aka traveling at fullout. If this is the case, then there you go... problem solved. If not, then no idea what to tell you then.
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Silent Hunter
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I'm not sure if the following is modeled for raising/lowering the scopes too. But if you use SH3 Commander it has the "Reliability and Sabotage" option enabled by default. It could be that it simulates sabotage to your ship. You know, the resistance 'improved' the periscope controls. Another effect of this is an obscured/blurry view through a scope. You'll have to work around it. I'm not sure if it resets at a save-game load, or if it is solved when docked.
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