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Really good stuff, all. Glad I asked. Thank you for your responses. I still like the idea, though, of the voice Call outs. However, I do understand now why it was left out of the game.

No real issues with not having those call outs left out. The stuff you mentioned plays out well in the game -- just as mentioned. I was curious. Thought it to be a good idea. You answered well. I'm satisfied. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by shipkiller1 View Post
Its not mathematically impossible. You just do not have the time, mostly.

Added to the fact that you realistically cannot classify a launch transient outside of, lets say 5k... The sonar operator does not know what he heard.. if he heard anything...
Originally Posted by ET2SN View Post
Chazly; Let's assume we're in DW and you have a sonarman with a waterfall display. What's he seeing and hearing?

OK, he picked up a torpedo in the water.
He needs to tell the OOD something, NOW.
He doesn't have time to calculate range or course, he just has the data.

In terms of DW, all he has time to report is a TIW, its bearing, and whether it sounds like its close or not. Its then up to the OOD to initiate an evasion of some kind.

Keep it practical.
There isn't time to worry about TMA when the bleeping thing was aimed at you.
Originally Posted by SaltiDawg View Post
What ET2SN said!
Agree with you guys completely. I am definitely not implying I would do TMA on a supposed torpedo contact before evasion. First move is get the heck outta there. I'm just getting a little egghead here
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