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Default Surface Mod

I've only just bought Cold Waters having held off for a while as i'm still enjoying SH3/5, Fleet Command/DW after countless years.

My first impressions of CW are mixed, i think it takes some getting used to after playing the full immersion of previous subsims like SH/DWX, but i am impressed and warming to it much the same as Bert Mancuso closing in on the Red October.

I've been watching Jive Turkey's youtube videos for help which have been very informative, although i grind my teeth every time he refers to a submarine as a ship (British Submariners refer to them as boats, ships are targets) other than that his videos are fully informative and his submarine stories as he transits along as also great value, as a former submariner i enjoy hearing these.

What i think would be a great mod for this game would be seeing submariners on the fin once the boat surfaced like we have in the SH series, once surfaced on the roof we see lookouts with their bino's.

And yes i said "Fin" and not "Sail" as our American brothers in arms call them, needless to say it would be a cool mod nevertheless
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