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Default Rudder control

I am so spoiled with sh4 tmo 2.5...When you hit ' " key you rudder centers itself ...Can this be done in cold waters???
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X is straight and level command.
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Speaking of rudder, to make a knuckle, is it best at top speed, to hold the key down until 30 or -30 is reached, then hit x? or do I need to go back to opp 30 or -30.

Do people tap quickly or just hold it down?

Also is there a way to just map a key to create knuckle, that would make it simpler right?

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Old 08-01-2018, 10:20 AM   #4
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Normally, after reaching at least 25kts, I throw the rudder hard over 30 or -30 and then wing it back hard the other way until it's announced that a knuckle is formed. Then I hit "x" to straight'n it out and prepare for making another knuckle once the torpedo circles back and regains contact. I'm not aware of the ability to map a key to perform the task.
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