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Default Hilarious sea story: crazy new submarine tactic 😂

So fellow captains, I decided to break out dangerous waters today and play around a little. I didn’t really feel like doing anything specific so I brought up a quick mission, Barents Sea ASW barrier in my trusty Akula III Gepard. I was in a mood to experiment and do some crazy stuff.

So I knew the mission was going well right away as it once again started an enemy sub within 3000 meters off my port bow. Turned out to be a Chinese improved kilo. All I know is I didn’t even have a chance to get my towed array streaming and I see my broadband sonar light up. Yu-3 torpedo close aboard. I do my favorite crazy evasion tactic, drop 2 noise makers, snapshot a Korand away from the shot fired at me, running away like most sub captains would and I go to flank speed into the torpedo to get behind it before it enables. (Usually I also counterfire but I held back this time.)

I’m successful, the yu-3 blows by me and goes after my mobile decoy. I know this guy is close, I slow to 5 knots and listen. Turns out these 636 boats are really quiet because I could not hear him doing 7 knots on my bow array at a distance now of 1600 meters. So I get creative, and I hit my foreword facing minehunting sonar. Sure enough there he is. Turned away from me and moving away, a little above me.

So now the hilarity really begins. I plant my boat less the a boat length off his stern and stay there, watching the image on my high freq sonar. We start a danger close underwater ballerina act, him trying to double back on me, speeding up, slowing down, reversing course. I stay glued to him.

And the torpedos! I didn’t even need sonar to tell me when he launched, I could see the torpedos leaving his tubes on my high freq sonar. Kicker was I was so close behind him that by the time his torpedos circled around, It was already behind me. Plus if any weapon did get behind me, I was ready to pop a noise maker, go to flank, and pass close enough to his keel to scratch it with my periscope, making his sub a very expensive torpedo decoy.

Then it got even better. I detected another launch from another bearing. The second sub in my engagement ended up being a Han class SSN, and he had joined the party. So now the kilo turns away from his partners torpedo, hits the flank bell, and starts dropping noise makers. I stay right behind and below him, matching his speed, ready to use him as a meatshield.

I decided that rather then sink the two, to challenge myself I broke contact with both subs trying to find me without firing a shot.

Thank you all for following my long winded Sea story, and hope some of you will get a laugh outta my crazy antics.
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Sounds like something out of Cold Waters.
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it is do able in DW unless your attacking platform is the alfa having spent hours tracking and trailing boats in DW you can get in real close without spooking them

Kilo is quiet but has limited battery life so flank bell will run her down very easy so it wont take long for the torpedo to find its mark
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