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Old 01-29-2018, 05:51 PM   #1
schlechter pfennig
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Default Advice/suggestions requested re. adjusting ship wakes

I've been messing around adjusting ship wake times, as I like seeing them last much longer and extend much further than they currently do. Editing the actual ShipWake in the .val file is easy, but the results are, well, a bit unexpected, so I suspect there are other factors that are in play.

For instance, I've adjusted the VIIB's TotalWakeTime from 30 to 300, and get a beautifully long, and long-lasting wake . . .except that it takes over 2 minutes to gradually creep from the bow to the stern before suddenly generating like normal.

I've experimented with adjusting MaxWakeQuads in conjunction with TotalWakeTime, but still experience the same, odd wake generation.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
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Old 02-04-2018, 10:17 PM   #2
schlechter pfennig
Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 436
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No one?
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Old 02-08-2018, 07:04 AM   #3
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Default Longer Wakes

Have you looked at a mod by NVDrifter called Longer Wakes v1.0 for GWX

Here is the readme from it.

Longer Wakes v1.0 (for use with GWX only)


The goal of this mod is to try to realistically create longer wakes in SH3. This mod contains the following features:

-Longer ship and u-boat wakes:

All ships and u-boats will now have much longer trailing wakes, depending on ship speed. All u-boat wakes are also slightly wider than vanilla SH3.

-Longer periscope wakes:

All u-boat periscopes will now have longer wakes.

-Longer torpedo wakes:

All steam-powered torpedoes will now have much longer wakes. You will now be able to watch the wakes of your steam-powered torpedoes zip towards their targets.


**Be sure you have the latest version of GWX installed first before installing this mod**

To install this mod, place all files into the correct folders located in your SH3 directory.


Be sure to set Max Particles to 100 in your options setting.

Also, if you want to use time compression without losing your u-boat wake, set your particles time compression setting to a higher compression number. Find it here:

C:\Documents and Settings\****\My Documents\SH3\data\cfg\main.cfg file

Particles=2048 <--------- Change this setting to a higher number

Please note that time compression will be affected when running particles at high speed. This may prevent you from running at the highest compression speeds due to lag caused by the particles.

If you play SH3 in real time only (1x speed with no time compression), you can ignore the above instruction.


**Some notes about gameplay with this mod**

The faster the speed of the ship, the longer the wake will be (except coastal patrol boats). Due to limitations of the game being hard-coded, any ship (including large cargo ships) moving at slower speeds will not have very long wakes. This is unfortunately unavoidable. High speed ships, such as battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, etc. will have very long wakes when running at higher speeds. The effects of being spotted by the enemy due to longer u-boat wakes is still unknown.

When hunting enemy ships or convoys in low visibility conditions (such as fog or storms), it is important to remember to search for ship wakes. You may be able to spot a wake and follow it back to the ship that made it. But remember, that wake may lead you right to an enemy escort!


Future projects:

-create longer wakes for snorkels

-create longer lasting bomb and depth charge surface blast bubbles.


Modded by Nvdrifter
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Old 02-08-2018, 08:46 AM   #4
schlechter pfennig
Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 436
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Originally Posted by badwolf View Post
Have you looked at a mod by NVDrifter called Longer Wakes v1.0 for GWX
Yeas, I have, and enabled it to test it out. For some reason, although it does produce long-lasting wakes, it also takes quite some time for the wake to progress down from bow to stern (which is the problem I'm having). Once the bow wake reaches the stern it jumps right into a normal progression, but it takes forever to progress from bow to stern from its initial generation.

Thank you for the suggestion though!
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