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Default Recommended mods?

The title pretty much says it all, but in my couple years of being a fan of SH3, I have not found any definitive list of recommended mods anywhere. What mods do you probably more experienced people recommend?
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Due to the dated sh3.exe, which crashes a lot, my first recomendation would be: do not overload, keep it as light in loading times as possible. Being 20 minutes in a i7, 16gb ram, and 1060ti only to see your game crashes at the end of the loading, despite you had a lot of caring about do not save close to other ships or underwater, is devastating. And if you want to play with the SH3Gen (it gives you some intelligence about the enemy)... you would need almost 45 to start playing a mission.

That automatically discards WAC (I love its features, tho), LSH, and maybe GWX.

The only light super mod is NYGM. However, it lacks from some eye candy or a gui where at least you have a chronometer, or you had some way to calculate ship speeds. And, I think it's imposible evade a single escort. The eye candy is easily solved with some environment, like OLCE2 or MPE5/6. The GUI is also easily fixed with Ahnenerbe + Fix for NYGM. And NYGM has a mod to restore the radio contacts (hey, when bdu send you a message about enemy position, at least you should see where it was reported last time). However the escorts playing like gods force you to torpedo them before they deep charge you.

I did my own mod soup, but I miss hard a basic supermod features, the sinking of merchants due to flooding. If it wasn't due to this feature (and maybe the detailed radio messages), I would still play to my own combination. Now I'm playing the NYGM with the extra mods I said you.
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to see your game crashes at the end of the loading,
Compatibility issue can be overcome.
!. Windows 10 needs to be run in Windows 7 compatibility mode as OS10 does not like SH3.
2. Applications should be run as Administrators.
3. Gpu needs to be correctly setup.
Post #6 Running Applications As An Administrator.
Post #7 Changing Nvidia And AMD Radeon GPU Settings

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Growing Old Disgracefully
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NYGM has intelligent destroyers and enemy sensors. If you want a challenge go there.

My recommendation

MAGUI F or Ahnenerbe gui
M.e.p.5 for environment
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Sailor Steve
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I always recommend SH3 Commander, which is not a mod but an external tool that lets you control several game parameters - deck gun reload times, crew fatigue rates, wave heights with different weather, more realistic crew loadouts, time spent in base between patrols, and a lot more - with a single mouse click. It also adds historically accurate names to the ships you sink, and has a database of all known crewmember names, which it then recombines into separate names giving a total of 1.7 billion possible names.

The best part is, it works outside the game which makes it reasonably stable.
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Grey Wolf
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Arguably the WAC mod has the most interesting campaign for the Atlantic, Baltic and Med. It also transforms UI to have realistic tools for the map and upgraded optics: There are at least 3 different Widescreen Guis you can use all designed for realistic play. Much improved 3D environment, also sub interiors (alas only stable in single missions currently).

The sh3.exe can be patched to support up to 3.8 GB RAM which should bypass any problems when additional mods are loaded, it's included in WAC but highly recommended for other heavy mods too, also the ones below.

My recommendations for other 2 big mods that I have played for a while :

- GWX3.0 (also called Gold Edition)
Interesting because it includes many historical encounters through all the world (not only Atlantic and Europe), and has a very helpful manual with it. Is less eye-candy than WAC or LSH3 but adds a lot of realism to the game. Very stable.

- LSH3-2015 improves sub interiors, environments and a lot of other things, but I don't know how it changes or adds traffic in the campaign, for campaign design WAC is unbeatable IMO.

With all mods I would use SH3 Commander which has a serie of useful features.


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Default welcome back

mungojerry311! after a six year silent run!
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