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wolf_howl15 Save Bismarck ??

On return from patrol 27. may 1941. received radio message : all u boats in area go to help Bismarck NE from BE53 !
Without torpedoes i go to find Bismarck just too see what happens in game

After some times my sonar registered 5 warship signal . Weather is very bad, heavy rain, wind 15 m/s and i have 0 torpedoes!
But i decided to try some tactics...With full throttle and much noises i go direct on first English battleship on 50m depth. After few minutes, deep changes in water and hunt begin, hunt on my VIIb u-48 with 4 enemy ships.
Next 5 hours playing game cat and mouse , zig-zag, depth changes, speed changes , all time my tactics is go on south away from Bismarck..
Then i decided go on depth 160m and running silent just 1-2 knots
speed and slowly turn on north to see Bismarck.
Sonar contacts is now weaker , my speed is bigger, when contacts lost go surfaced with full throttle and after some time i heard: Visual contact!! All stop command!
This is Bismarck i think,,, OMG NOOO, this is Dorshetire class , but this ship fire on another side, not on my sub, after one second i command full throttle direct in the Dorshetire middle !! Heavy impact, much noises, my sub have heavy damage, heavy flooding and depth is bigger and bigger 100m, 150m this is the end i think, but my damage control team is simple the best and after some time the holes are screwed and depth slowly decrease.
Just one sonar contacts now and one destroyed ship on map,periscope depth i command,,but my attack periscope is destroyed...observation periscope damaged but work ...then great surprise...this is Bismarck, square cca 5-6km on 15 knots! Go surface!
I stayed for 2 days with him until my submarine was repaired completely, then 29. may before midnight my command is: go home !

In this awesome patrol for me, i lost 2 men, my sonarman and radioman, RIP guys , but we saved Bismarck...for now...

sorry for my bad english, this is great story IMHO, but, you will understand the basis.

My U-48 in base, still heavy damaged but live !

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Sailor Steve
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Pretty cool story. Unfortunately, the game isn't smart enough to change history, so Bismarck will disappear after that date anyway. Of course we can always pretend that Bismarck was damaged enough that proper repairs were never made and she ultimately ended up suffering the same fate as Tirpitz. Either way you did a job to be proud of. Now you can devote all your attention to your real job: Surviving the war!
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Yes Steve, i know no way to change history, and i would not like a different history, even in the game

But I read on the forums that people trying to save that big ship when they got radio message about Bismarck, but they always came late, so I was really surprised when I managed to get on time and the ship survived at least that patrol.

I'm glad you like the story and thanks for the good advice: Surviving the war!

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Nice story

I don't know that you really could save the Bismarck with an empty boat, by ramming a BB though.
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