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Originally Posted by Dmitrysh View Post
Jesus. No idea how to do it. Any tutorial would help.
Silent Hunter 5 has been developed with the Granny Editor by Rad Game Tools the software costs around 11k euro. A WIP type tool has been created by TheDarKWraith (TDW) but its not perfect and even users with lots of experience run into problems with it. There is no Official Freeware or Semi official freeware available

You could spend huge amounts of time and heartache trying to achieve your goals and still be unhappy with the result

Going down the route of upgrading normally maybe by using a mod to unlock all upgrades and the Snorkel from the TDW Editor/Options file Viewer is the only simple solution to get you close to what you require

SH5 with WOS gives you a lot of options why not just go with that ?
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Originally Posted by Cyborg322 View Post

SH5 with WOS gives you a lot of options why not just go with that ?
Because im a Human, it is just not enough of something sometimes. Im playing with WoS Mod and its very great ! But i just want to make my gaming experience to my liknigs. thats it.
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