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Default Editing Ship Nationality??

Hello guys...i have a problem here.
I've downloaded a playable Japanese Battleship Ise a couple months ago and just installed it today using JSGME.
this Playable BB Ise appear on American Side Single Mission just like Playable Kongo mod and Playable CA Takao mod that i've tried before. The Problem is when i use Kongo and Takao, The Japanese fleet never shoot at me, but when i use BB Ise, the Japanese fleet start shooting at me at the beginning of every mission. i've checked every files on Both Kongo mod and Ise Mod and notice the diffrence in "Nationality" inside the BB Ise\Data\Submarine\NBB_Ise and the file name NBB_Ise.upc. inside IJN_Kongo.upc, Kongo's Nationality is Japan while Ise's nationality is American. Before i start messing up with any files, is it possible to just change the Nationality of the BB Ise to "Japan" and the Japanese fleet will stop shooting at me?? or is there another way of editing these files?? Thank You So Much, guys!
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