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Default Fleet boat question: part identification

Hello all,
I'm trying to identify a part of typical Gato/Balao subs. This "hatch/port" is just behind the ammo storage lockers in the conning tower. In the photo linked below, the part in question is on the left side, comes out of the super-structure at an angle, has a black top... has a "geared" hatch that looks like it can be opened remotely. I understand that the hatches on the conning tower are for ammo storage... it looks like this "port" is the size of a shell.. my guess is for moving ammo to the deck gun.

I'd love to know it's true function! Does anyone have any ideas?

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Welcome aboard bmacauto! I see this is your first post.

We Subsim veterans love to welcome new members. You'll have a lot of questions, don't be afraid to ask. Most of us like to show off our vast knowledge of simulated under water warfare. Either that or we're good at making up stuff.

I'm sorry I can't help you with your question. I know someone that can help will come along.

As the self appointed assigner of jobs at Subsim, I want you to polish the deck gun.
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Signal flare launcher? I seem to recall having read about such things existing.

What boat is this? Could it have been a post-war addition?
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Kapt Z
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Believe it is for passing rounds for the deck gun from the main magazine below.
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I believe the above photo is of the USS Silversides. I was recently on the USS Pampanito in San Francisco and I saw a similar port on her as well; I had no idea what it was really for, only a guess. Maybe it is for ammunition transport after all. Regarding if it was a post war add on, I have no idea.

The USS Pampanito has a very nice virtual photo walk-through with 360... I was trying to locate the other side of said "port" inside her to no luck. No idea why i'm so curious... I've recently read "Thunder Below", and also the history of the USS Tang. Got me back into SH4...

Thanks all for the assistance!
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Default welcome aboard!

bmacauto! After a phone call to Frank at the USS Siversides Museum ( KISS principle in action BBY!): it is in fact a pass-through ammo hatch Further it is useful for cans of beer as well...(it wasn't called the 'cigarette deck' fer nuthin'!) We could not agree on what type of conning tower was present on the museum ship as the war: MOD I-IV produced several modifications often in-theater by a submarine tender often to the experienced skipper's preference. . Once the two 'ready ammo' water tight storage hatches on the conning tower aft fairwater each holding ten rounds were expended ammo would be passed up by hand from the gun ammo storage directly below the cigarette deck. (MOD IV connning tower?) The present deck gun is not the original. My source shows USS Gurnard with a similar hatch dated July 1945 so it is not a 'postwar addition'.
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Thank you for looking into that for me! Very cool info... makes me want to have a cold beer on the cigarette deck to "splice the main brace!"

The "gun ammo storage", or main magazine is in the crew quarters/gally I believe... so this does go into the pressure hull from the cigarette deck. I am amazed at the engineering and technology used during this time period! These subs were really advanced for their time. I was just reading about the "Blast-phones" used to identify the direction of exploding depth charges.

Thanks again for the research on this!
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