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Rick Rawlings
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Default Hmm...intriguing

Well, first of all, just a blanket thank you to those who worked so hard on the various components of the Wolves of Steel Mod. I have been having a blast going back to my Silent Service II and Aces of the Deep days... Having said that, I have been plagued by bugs much like Pharoah's men, I would guess. My mouse is constantly getting stuck between viewing and interacting, sometimes I can't get my XO to target the big fAT MERCHANT I CAN CLEARLY SEE THROUGH MY ATTACK PERISCOPE!!! .... *pant* *pant* anyway, today I came across a somewhat amusing and somewhat frustrating bug... I literally had a ship disappear in front of me!
I was diving in Danzig bay and came upon a hydro contact of a merchant that was closing to my starboard. I adjusted my heading to surface and found the merchant to be a lot closer than I expected!
So in my haste to fire off a snap shot, I set the AOB to the OTHER SIDE OF THE BOAT and send an eel swimming completely in the wrong direction!
"OK, no problem!" says I, I will just come around and get another shot on him. So I set a parallel course and am coming up beside him, taking readings for speed calculation when he just kind of...disappears! I jacked up the brightness in the video below and he just kind of fades out in the 16 min region. I could still lock him, but just couldn't see him no matter what. Anyone else have this happen?

Here's all of my awesome suckage... it was cool to see that they animate the torpedo reloads, I haden't noticed that yet!

*Also, while we are here, is there a way to invert the mouse in the move around view? It really is difficult coming in from First Person games to have to relearn all my mouse movement as I go back and forth!

Thanks everyone!

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