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Originally Posted by STEED View Post
Well put in a polite way jim.
I'm almost out of 'politeness', there is a little bit of 'previous' going on here.
Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
Oh my God, not again!!

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Onkel Neal
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Five officers on nuclear submarine threaten to quit over alleged love affairs among crew

Five officers on a nuclear submarine threatened to quit over love affairs among crew, it has emerged.

The second-in-command of HMS Vigilant, one of four Vanguard subs carrying the UK’s Trident missiles, has also been stripped of his duties amid claims of an inappropriate relationship, after the captain was removed.

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Geek :)
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Slightly off topic (but not much) this reminded of the story of an old friend of mine called Apples who served on a Swiftsure boat back in the 90s.

He managed to get on Blind Date (a UK TV programme, google it if you don't know the format) and got picked by the lovely young lady. Once abroad on holiday (and on camera) he started ripping the piss out of it for sh*t and giggles. Told her how he loved snogging other guys and that was how they coped alone for long times at sea.

He was on leave when it aired on TV but needless to say he got to meet a lot of senior officers for a lot of one-way chats when he got back to work
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Mr Quatro
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Well like I said, glad it was a female ... the other side of the coin could be much worse.

In the 1950s and 1960s, behavioural therapy was used to try to "cure" gay men. Men convicted of homosexual acts were routinely given electric shock treatment, hallucinogenic drugs and subjected to brainwashing techniques.

The most common form of treatment was aversion therapy, of the kind seen in Stanley Kubrick's film A Clockwork Orange.

Those who volunteered for such treatments - often in preference to jail terms - were shown pictures of naked men and given a series electric shocks or drugs to make them vomit.

When they could stand it no longer, they were shown pictures of naked women, or films of nudist colonies, as a relief from the pain - or, in some cases, taken out on "dates" with young nurses.
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Join the Royal Navy stay in port and have lots of hot nookie.

Last one to leave the UK no need to turn the lights out the council has beaten you to it.
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