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Onkel Neal
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radar Captain Sonar is the 8-player party game that blew up Gen Con

Tensions were at their highest when the enemy sub had us cornered along the edge of the map. I wiped the sweat from my brow and stared at the engineer’s console in front of me, desperate for a way to maneuver out of this mess. The captain wanted to head west, but I shouted back that our submarine couldn’t handle the stress. We needed to surface now, or the whole place was going to blow.

And that’s when we heard the captain of the enemy team shout from across the table: "Firing torpedo!"

Sounds quite interesting ...

It works for me

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I guess Skvader will have to design some english U-class subs now..

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Starte Das Auto
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Really interesting and encouraging. Further proof that table top games are still avidly enjoyed.
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