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Default Keep it real, guys

Originally Posted by Artur Salwarowski View Post
Of course! Different multiplayer options have been on the table since day one of the project.

There are already plans for:

1) hunting together with other U-boats, either AI or (if the campaign support permits) other teams in co-op via local or network multiplayer.

2) an online MMO campaign with player results being uploaded to a server to reflect the overall U-bootwaffe effort to sink Allied GRT.

3) a sister game depicting the fight from the perspective of a destroyer, complete with a campaign mode, technological upgrades, etc.

4) clashing the two games together in a table-vs-table network PvP duel.
All but the last item would be a dream come true. Table vs table concept would only be to compare score of two sub teams -- not sub vs sub in combat. (I hope) In order of preference, I'd say 3, 1, 2, 4

Just pledged my support. Come on Subsim -- this is our kind of game!!!
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