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Originally Posted by makman94 View Post
sure Wise, i am asking if you have made a separate 3d model for the deck of u-boat.
some time ago, Hans Witteman made a 3d model for the type uiia's deck and it looked awesome in game (especially when the light is getting on it).unfortunatelly , he never released it.

i asked you also , in the case that the deck (as it shows in your pics) is not a separate 3d model , if you are willing to make one at future
I still, am not sure that completely and correctly understood sense of a question. But I will taste to answer.
The deck is made in 3d - form:

By the way, the deck of the turm, also, made in the 3D:

All other openings, also, in the 3D.
I made the only exception here:

I didn't begin to do these small openings in 3d since I consider that to spend many 3d-polygons for such trifles, this madness.
In our previous mod (type IX) all decks are, also, made in 3d, including, IXC-40.
My friend, believe me, I began to be engaged in these works only because I can't quietly look at an awful condition of those boats which to us were offered by developers of game.
You won't believe, but even figures "45" onboard the turm, it not texture. It is 3d.

I had to make so because, the picture of the tga-32bit alpha channel, in game sometimes disappears from a look, depending on a viewing angle.
I hope that, I guessed with the answer.
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