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It won't be as much work as it sounds. The game I'm basing it off of already have a lot of assets and resources to work with (not to mention that it uses retro graphics entirely composed of 32x32 pixel sprites). So far it's just me and a few friends.

As it is, the game has these features: A ship, a simulated, simplified "overmap" that shows the ship as a dot and other contacts as dots (other contacts don't actually exist in game outside of those dots, if they fire a weapon at you it will just be spawned at the edge of the map the real ship is on), consoles that can be used to move the ship on that overmap, engine systems that currently depend on gas heat and pressure to calculate acceleration and speed at runtime based on engineering's performance, as well as full damage and repair simulation.

With that in mind, most of the work will be making new sprites and changing space to water.
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