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Originally Posted by SiegDerMaus View Post
If it will help, we can always change it to the George Washington class, or one of the other "41 For Freedom" types, might be a bit more info available on it.
I hope your not a commie spy ... we do get our share around here. Your game sounds interesting. For years now the trend has been towards crew involvement, but yours is different with each player being a different crewman or woman now days.

The real boomer's started with the USS Ethan Allen class SSBN 608. The George Washington was just a pre-planed SSN cut in half and a missile section added.

If you are a commie spy we will have to hang Aktungbby for treason.

Welcome aboard and keep us informed ... Do you have financial backing? This game will take a lot of work
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Lord help me get to the next plateau ..

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