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Originally Posted by Stormfly View Post
seams that youre about to open Pandora`s Box. nice that you are kind enough to find this, man what other bad things are waiting for you in it...
Originally Posted by ryanwigginton View Post
Awesome! I will start playing again if you crack this bad boy.
I am not interested in "bad things" or to "crack" something. But I am very much interested to fix some bugs UBI wasn't able or willing to fix. UBI promised a "realistic simulation". that promise in mind, I bought that game twice (one early version with copy protection and one without protection). but the repair times, even in the latest patched version 1.4b, are far away from being realistic. and the available repair time mods are only workarounds and have negative side-effects on flooding behaviour as another poster already wrote.

The repair times of the compartments (command-room, engine-room) cannot be changed since they are directly linked to the flooding recovery times which I won't touch. But the repair times of all the equipment (periscopes, engines, pumps) can be changed by a arbitrary constant factor. what about a factor of 60?

Repairs which take 1 minute now will then take 1 hour and so on.

Still optimistic that it will work, but I have to become familiar with some floating-point assembler commands.
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