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Originally Posted by VonDos View Post
for medical problems (a surgery operation to my eyes, very well done, 3 weeks ago) i can't stay too time at pc at moment.. but i'll recover myself day by day
I am sorry to hear that, mate. I wish you a quick and full recovery!

Originally Posted by the_frog View Post

I do not think liners converted to auxiliary cruisers had their would decks removed. Why should they? It's waste of time. All pictures taken aboard of RN auxiliary cruisers and troop transports I am aware of show clearly the wood decks.
The RN was not as strict with painting over wood decks as the USN, however, when faded the decks were often painted over with the same colour used for steel decks (usually darker shades such as 507A, MS1, MS2, G5, G10, B15, depending of the period).
So, the painted wood decks as shown on one of the picture posted on 25-11 is about right. You might even consider to darken it a bit more.

Originally Posted by VonDos View Post
I know, flag is wrong, btw voilą a small update with dark wooden decks and a different stern structures and island configuration:
The colors mentioned by the_frog, in case you want to mimic a gray-painted wooden deck:

507A RN Dark Grey

MS1 RN Blue-Black

MS2 RN Dark Grey

G5 RN Extra Dark Grey

G10 RN Dark Grey

B15 RN Dark Grey-Blue

The way I would do it (in Photoshop), is to totally desaturate the original wooden deck texture, apply an auto curves adjustement to it so to emphasize middle grays in the output image, and overlay the result (with either soft or hard light blending mode selected, depending on the contrast of the overlay) on top of a background layer, uniformely filled with one of the colors above
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