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Default Disability Mod

Originally Posted by GlobalExplorer
Originally Posted by wdq4587
But this discussion is meaning less. As a programmer I can simply tell you is it seems no way to do that unless the developer open they source (may be 10 years later). Just like my beard idea. I don't know does SH3 has script or not (I mean executeable script), but the medic mostly like program in hard code layer.
Shut up if you don't know what you're talking about. I have discussed this with irish1958 and the concept seems completely doable if you have an application to modify the crew_config files. My recommendation was to leave it because of complexity and my previous experience with savegame modding, but not because it requires the source code.
I agree. SH3CMDR writes to these files, and they appear in the game. Also, when I write to these files manually, the changes appear in the game and act as I have said. The en_menu file (or fr_menu or de_menu) must also be changed. Again, when I write to this file manually, the changes appear in the game. Unfortunately, SH3CMDR has ceased development and is no longer offered or supported. Perhaps if someone knows the workings of CMDR, it can be added as a mod to this. The ideal way for the mod to function would be to be as an add-on to SH3CMDR so it would load when the game does. Alternately, it could be activated by adding it to the Ubisoft\SilentHunterIII\ folder in the same way that SH3Weather is added.

With no programming skills or knowledge, I cannot go forward with this concept.

This is the SilentHunterIII Mod workshop. The purpose of this forum is to develop mods for SHIII, which is why I have broached this idea. iF it can't be done, so be it.
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