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Originally Posted by Napalm42 View Post
Another real skipper technique I haven't seen mentioned is actually rather simple: wait it out!

If you have the chance, shadow your target vessel in hydrophone/radar range until weather improves, then go for an End Around attack.
Hello Napalm42,

i saw the End Around maneuver in one of the Let's Play videos of the user DangerDeadpan uploaded on Youtube. However, he played unmodded SH4.
I used this technique few times on lonely merchant ships with success.

There is no chance to overtake a fast moving enemy convoy while submerged - You will simply run out of batteries. So, when You fired Your first torpedo they will start evasive maneuvers and You will have usually all nearby escorts heading Your way (at least in TMO 2.5). Even catching up with surface merchant ships is hard. If they change the course on the last possible moment You will have very little time to react. So, setting up Your firing position too early could be a mistake. I am usually waiting when a ship is with 5 nm distance or less, but not so close that it could engage me with deck gun.
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