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Originally Posted by p.jakub88 View Post

quote from the "High Realism Tutorial" from OTC 1.5 mod (which i am using):

"A quick word of caution:
Don’t think for a minute you can ping off merchants when an enemy warship is near. You just sent out a red flare that says “Hey, I’m over here”!! The sonar ping will put the warship in a trot heading in your direction with bad intentions."
I wasn't aware you were using that mod. In that case you have two options. Don't attempt to generate a solution, open distance and disengage, which is probably what the real skippers did. There will be more targets and better weather.

Or develop a solution with hydrophone bearings only. It's not too difficult, but it is time consuming and laborious, however it can be done. It's probably how HMS Venturer developed their solution that sunk U-864. If you can pull it off, it's extremely satisfying.
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