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Right, done some testing now.

Before each test, these steps were followed:
- boot system
- wait 3 mins for W7 to settle
- load Process Monitor
- run the SH4.exe (made two: SH4-ORG.exe and SH4-LAA.exe)
- start process monitor
- play a bit
- exit SH4
- read Process Monitor

Test 1, standard TMO career, approaching harbour for attack, 9 ships in play.
Test 2, run single mission "Tokio-Saipan Convoy", 23 ships in play.

Screenshots of Process Monitor.

Test 1, org. and patched:

Test 2, org. and patched:

For Process Monitor and (another) LAA-program:

I notice, the CPU barely breakes any sweat...

I found no difference, but at least it didn't crash SH4. Seems to run unaffected.
Would like to test, if someone has a mission with a humongeous load of ships...

"Hey! It's only a drill!"

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