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Default Finally Got WOFF

I've been watching videos of 'Wings: Over Flanders Fields' for months now, and I finally have myself organized enough to buy it. I joined the SimHQ WOFF forums a couple of months ago, but rather than jump into the best WWI air war sim available I've been having fun with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and X-Plane 11.

The first thing I did was set up Training Mode and start learning how to fly the sim. I immediately noticed that the creators have a good sense of humor and a good background on the material. The instructor is Captain Owen Triggers, which was the name of the flight instructor turned squadron commander in the 1977 BBC TV series 'Wings'. It only ran two seasons, but it followed the adventures of a farm-boy who joins the war and becomes a BE.2c pilot just before the Fokker Scourge. It's not a great series, but it's a pretty good one.

I just ordered a TrackHat and it won't come for a few weeks, so I'll probaby devote what little gaming time I have left to learning WOFF and continuing to play with the other two flight sims I have.
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