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PilotMi8 confirm door gunners, bugfixes and new features on the next update release of the belsimtek Mi-8
Colleagues, we are very pleased to read that you have seen and appreciated our work!
With the Release of the DCS: Mi-8 in addition to the bugs fix, add doorgunner and other features awaits you a complete description of the Systems of hels and Procedures, in style as in the MiG-15 Flight Manual!
Perhaps English (in describe the Systems) will not be very good, but I think - will be understandable)
KORD 12.7mm MG has human or AI controled. PKT 7.62mm only AI (I think temporaly).
So far, we decided to do so: door gunner (KORD 12.7) can be controlled by both the player and the AI, and aft gunner (PKT 7.62) - only AI
More News to the front.....

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