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Many thanks for everything you've done so far. Being a newbie, I'd be less than half as productive w/o S3D. As it develops it seems you'll see even more cool stuff coming out from various modders. It'll also encourage some very creative people that would be intimidated by hex editors and tweak files to take the plunge.

All around an invaluable tool.

BTW, seeing the 3D model reminded me of the feature request I was going to bring up.

Can you give S3D the ability to show
1 the center of gravity?
2 a graphical representation of the zones?

It would be nice if you could see a wireframe view of the zones overlaying the model. Then use a tree view of the zones in a window that would place a new zone as its created , and highlight a selected the zone and allow you to modify it and see things like repositioning, resizing, etc. That would make it much easier to add new models to the game too.

We had a tool like this for the open plane engine that allowed you to see the 3D model of the aircraft, and overlayed the hit boxes, the physics boxes and positioned the aircrafts CoG at the 0,0,0 coordinates os you could see the changes as you made them. Once that tool was relesaed, there was an explosion of additional aircraft, new terrains, and ground objects added by users (ove 50+ aircraft in 15 months).

Anyway, I hope this description makes sense. And thanks again for all the hard work you're doing.
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