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Polychop add multicrew and mistral missiles to the Sa342 Gazelle

10 August 2016
- Added SA342Mistral model featuring Mistral anti aircraft short range IR missile
- Added additionnal SA342Mistral separated manual
- Corrected encyclopedia files to display 3D weapons models
- Corrected lased distance to be calculated once only when asked
- Corrected autorotation collective behavior in final stage
- Corrected autopilot slaved mode to be linked only to camera azimuth
- Corrected range finder, now ground and vehicles can be spotted, but still no building
- Corrected landing in grass, now landing while sliding is possible
- Corrected module behavior when pilots die
- Corrected pilot sight display
- Corrected camera slew speed when not in autopilot slaved mode
- Added multi crew feature
- Added multi crew user manual
- Changed Video command box power rotator to be 2 positions now, flight manual has been corrected accordingly.
- Added Yougoslav livery for Serbia
- Corrected pilots eyes
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