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Originally Posted by astradeus View Post
Hello . I am testing new vegetation textures for sh5.
I am also shocked that the vegetation of the Mediterranean climate is not represented in the game and the very weak diversification of the vegetation in general. By doing research on the "TerrainTypes", I saw your subject. I notice that you have a good technical understanding of the subject. Maybe we could move forward this area of the game that has not yet exploited.
Hi, astradeus!
I don't know nothing about SH5, I'm not familiar with SH5 files.
In SH3, now I work on new forest files, including Mediterranean, but it is tedious work, will not finish soon.
I'm with old computer, so I'm careful about computer resources and use low res textures.
And I accomplish my trees in completely different approach than original game.
But yours trees look very good, I'm tempted to test them in the game.

My Vegetation_kit.dat looks:

For Mediterranean, probably will use this set:
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