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Default [REL] Searchlights Removed mod

The Searchlights Removed mod removes searchlights from all ships that are not directly involved with submarine detection, pursuit and attack. This mod only modifies the ships in the stock GWX 3.0 installation; if other ships are added thru other mods they may or may not have searchlights.

The rationale behind this mod was to make the behavior of ships more realistic when they came under U-boat attack. Neither merchants (armed or otherwise) nor capital ships would have wanted to draw attention to themselves by 'reverse spotlighting' themselves by illuminating their searchlights. Unfortunately, since I can't change the behavior of capital ships when they come under attack or go on the offensive, removing their searchlights was the only alternative I had.

Additionally, this should negate the frame rate degradation that occurs when multiple ships illuminate all their searchlights.

I believe I've removed all the correct searchlights. However, if you run across a merchant or capital ship that still has searchlights and shouldn't, or find a warship that should have her searchlights, please let me know.

The Searchlights Removed mod is JSGME ready. Just copy or move the data folder to the MOD folder and enable thru JSGME in between patrols/at base.

edit: I've uploaded a newer (and substantially smaller) file. I accidentally forgot to just leave the .eqp files in and zipped the whole darned Sea folder.

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