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Default Some thoughts about this PE

Yesterday I read an article posted by Warfaresims on their FB page.

There was also a video in this article.

The video was about 2 minute long and was about fuel consumption.

In the video you could see what type of plane the player had and some of them was marked with "maintenance"(in red)

Now here is my thoughts

This is from what I have learned from watching documentaries, from former relatives.

Any leader of an airbase/airfield or a carrier knows what type of maintenance it is.

I mean in your PE edition after the word maintenance there should be inside () an additional word
F/A-18E Growler maintenance(Service/Repair)

Something else.
I also know that no plane is on maintenance forever.
So even some kind of countdown timer should be added.

So it should look something like this
F/A-18E Growler maintenance(Service/Repair) 36 Hrs.

This is just my thoughts.

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