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Implemented Siren system on the cockpit of the Mi-8.
News No.8

Siren is implemented.

Mi-8MTV sirena system belongs to assault-transport equipment.
To give an audio signal for troops the S-1 siren is installed on overhead pannel at frame 6 in cargo bay.
To turn on siren the following actions to be done:
− turn ON switch РАКЕТЫ / СИРЕНА;

− press СИРЕНА (siren) button located near to external payload control pannel.

Siren will sound and annunciator pannel СИРЕНА ВКЛЮЧЕНА (siren is on) will light up. Upon button release siren will turn off as well as annunciator pannel.

Now You shouldn't be worrying about troops, they'll disembark in right time hearing the powerful sound of siren activated by You.
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