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Bought this game after seeing it reviews on youtube.

It is almost a spiritual successor to Red Storm Rising but it needs some polish and some things added.

For starters, can we have a DLC pack please that includes the Seawolf and Virginia classes, and the British subs? What about the Ohio etc?

Next, the game manual or in game help needs to be way more detailed- those of you who will remember the manual for RSR will remember how thick and detailed it was. It included a full blown run down on your own weapons and their statistics. As it stands it is a bit sparse but I can forgive the developers that.

Definitely need the ability to set course using waypoints or just dialling in a bearing. Steering your own sub and watching it underwater is cool, but some of us would prefer to let the crew do the routine stuff.

The biggest thing that needs an overhaul is the sonar section. There should be a full blown waterfall display that indicates bearing changes, that you can watch as well as changing acoustic conditions- RSR had a map for this displaying good and poor water conditions. It would also be nice to be able to select a sonar array to focus on- IE passive vs tower array.

As it stands it is a solid game that you can't fail to enjoy, but we are relying way too much on F1 viewpoint to drive and operate the ship, the other screens need to be updated to make them far more user friendly.

We don't get any warnings that there are aircraft overhead- can't the crew report this? Ditto sonobuoys dropping in? They just appear with no report from the crew?

It would also be nice to have at least an estimated position on anti-surface weapons, as it stands they become invisible the moment they are launched, unless you use the magic eye camera again, you have no idea if they have missed or how far long their track they are? In reality they could at least be plotted with some accuracy using nothing more than a map and stopwatch?

Don't wish to sound negative totally, I bought the game and I am happy with it, but it could become one of the best simulators ever with some thought I think.
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