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Support ** All Stop!**

Well I'm enjoying the game thus far. However, could we have a keyboard shortcut for the command "All Stop!" to set propulsion to “Zero”. The reason being that I like to create “Voice Attack” profiles for games and “Cold Waters” lends itself quite well to giving orders via a voice command software.

I'm able to set-up voice commands for the rudder, diving planes and ballast for varying degrees such as “Hard Right rudder, dive planes down 20 degrees” because there is the ability to reset all the parameters to Zero using the “Level & Centre” command “X” as the first script instruction and then setting the rudder and planes to whatever you want from that baseline.

Sadly, I am unable to do this with propulsion as there is no way of setting a speed related baseline as the first command in the script. The addition of an “All Stop” command would solve this and allow me to create voice commands such as “Ahead 1/3” and “All ahead Flank”. This would, potentially, improve my ability to play the game, but is would definitely increase the immersion.

Ta Everso
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