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Petition for what, right for everyone gave suggestion? I vote against it!

Firstly, after trying Your product, seeing Your success on steam, activity in community and maintenance, main suggestion/request - DONT ABANDON GAME, just dont ever finish it, EVER! Continue Your work and You will have loyal customers base

Big long term goal - multiplayer. People will get bored quickly playing vs same stupid AI, multiplayer support would keep people geting this game. Misions PVE/PVP, or even open world map with players and AI swimming around from different sides US, Soviets, China, UK - WW3, and people attacking on same groups or each other. Omg, I will pee myself thinking more about this. This could be as DLC.
Like myself, played for a week now - done all missions and campaign, now only option is to repeat what already did - not really exciting.

AI and difficulty levels.
If no multiplayer, then need to work out with AI intelligence and make it act differently on different difficulty levels. Current difficulty levels makes game longer, but not more difficult/challenging. And AI not only buged but and stupid.
About AI behavior, allow to be modable if its possible, so different current and future ships would have different "doctrines".

Mission generator
With selectable and random options. I believe its a must for offline game.

Difficulty levels
Disable 3d for Elite difficulty and SNS COMP Or atleast SNS COMP and F1-4 views. Once You will make interior (forgot how others call it), this could be done.

IDing Targets and extra panel
I believe need make more difficult to ID targets and make it more player decision - currently its matter of clicking arrows in signature tab untill lines match up, or click I while on Periscope. For me its most exciting part of modern sub games is to deciding correct ID with evaluating all info I know.
New panel for Active and ESM interception with frequencies, so player could atleast know (decide) what platform+bearing targets is Surf, Air or Sub. Plus, making signature/sonar frequencies less obvious - providing range to choose from and comparing with other data to decide on ID, instead of giving 100% accurate ID.
This could vary between different difficulty levels.
Currently ESM is useless, only to risk get detected by radar.

I think it main thinks I would love to see, not mentioning already Your planed features. Anyways, love You guys KillerFish Games for what You have done and continue to make.
Who ever proposes AntiAir capabilities again, I will put a fraking torp between Your eyes whenever i meet You on seas. Submarines main defense is stealth, not just shooting everything they see. Currently Air only uncontrolled excitement i get in game - game needs such things, it would be really boring making Subs OP. Plan approach correctly if Air is annoying!
AI beeing stupid is other thing.
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