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Artur Salwarowski
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Hi guys, glad to be resurfacing after a long silent run! We have been very busy refining our game and I will soon have a few gameplay videos for you!

But for now, just a quick recap from our latest mission - three brave crews embarked to sink allied shipping within Operation 'Sturmwind'.


Location: 'Ludiversum' gaming pub, Katowice, Poland
Time: 16.09.2017
Duration: 6 hours (2h per crew)
Successes: 18 000 of allied GRT sunk.
Losses: one U-boat sunk by depth charges (all hands lost).
Crew satisfaction: high

Note to commanding officer: a total of two female personnel took part in the operation (one Navigator, one First Officer). Inquiry regarding game satisfaction met with surprisingly positive feedback! Case referred to U-boat headquarters for further investigation...

After the mission, one of the participating VIICs was apparently photographed by an allied spy during the refit and resupply process...

Hope you like it! Gameplay videos coming soon!
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