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Changelog RAZBAM Mirage2000C to 1.5.4 DCS: W Open Beta
Changelog for 2016-06-24

Flight Model:
  • Added FBW reset (just reset trim right now)
  • Added rudder trim paddle functionality
  • Added possible loss of LRF4 if over G for stores mode
  • Beginning of auto-stop sequence
  • Approach autopilot hold work
  • Added joystick/keyboard bindings
  • Added throttle limit movements for keyboard throttle control
  • Added all requirements for DECOL to go away to auto-start
  • Added force feedback gain tuning available in ForceFeedback.lua
  • Fixed: Don't cause control flutter below 90 knots and on ground
  • Fixed issue with forcing of symmetrical loadouts for wing tanks breaking old payloads and breaking default loadout definitions
  • Fix for delayed response in AOA limiter when returning stick to neutral after hitting AOA limit
  • Fixed drag for rocket pods
  • Fixed relaxed stability behavior, also fixed AOA limiter behavior in some cases as well as helped landing/takeoff behavior
  • Fixed auto-start warning for engine not in throttle off position
  • Fix for main fuel pumps requiring AC power
  • Fix for lag in pitch correction
  • Fix for sometime breaking nose gear when you shouldn't
  • Fix for AP when AOA > 18.0 not reducing pitch properly
  • Fix for initial AP bank limit not 60 degrees
  • Fix for AP response for altitude control
  • Fix for pitch control to maintain precision without being too sensitive
  • Fix for braking power when moving
  • Fixed CHARGES required for LRF4 rockets loaded
  • Fixed of heading mode change type while in AP mode causing aircraft to turn
  • Fixed sudden change of control authority causing control stutter when gear going down, now gradual change
  • Adjusted cockpit view for better TrackIR movement
  • Adjusted gear reaction for better braking power
  • Adjusted fuel flow schedule for more correct fuel economy
  • Adjusted minimum afterburner fuel flow
  • Tiny adjustment to nose gear
  • Gear adjustment for better takeoff/landing behavior
  • Update for wing being too efficient after relaxed stability update
  • Update for odd FBW behavior with high pitch rate and continuous pitch rate command through 300 knots not providing full authority
  • Updates to collision model and gear configuration to correct dynamic reaction behavior
  • Updated control indictor to show FBW yaw control
  • Improved filtering of sensed parameters to FBW model
  • Improvements for correct takeoff speeds
  • Improvement to auto-start reliability
  • Improved brake control
  • DECOL only shows up with both main and nose WOW
  • Increased length of bingo sound and bingo does not induce amber warning sound (has it's own)
  • Require both nose and main gear WOW for DECOL warning to work
  • Better air braking and ground effect modeling
  • Battery depletion bug fix
  • Reduced lag on rudder control
  • Autopilot now using flight path control instead of pitch control
  • Corrections to yaw control lag and authority
  • Increased roll AP responsiveness
  • FPM now on horizon when WOW
  • Wheel damage speed tolerance updated
  • Shell code for dynamic tire damage due to leaving parking brake on
  • Offset radalt to show 0 when on ground
  • Corrected brake mode logic
  • Gear should go up/down at same rate
  • Fixed being able to hear VOR/ILS morse code even when off or volume at 0
  • Fixed PCA issues with rocket pods
  • Fixed CTD with outboard rocket pods
  • Fixed Only DC power required for radios
  • Fixed PCA/PPA indicator not off in cold until battery cycle
  • Fixed PCA MAGIC selection bug
  • Fixed PPA default values & triggering bug fix
  • Fixed radar P symbology on the VTB reversed
  • Fixed Jettison: pylons disappear with selective (not with total)
  • Fixed radar doesn't preheat on the ground if switch on SIL or EM
  • Fixed radar continues to provide (some) guidance after being switched off
  • Fixed Some input commands not working
  • Fixed vertical elevation of radar is shifted down when locking
  • Fixed ECM logic (switches & lights)
  • Fixed rockets jettison (trunk)
  • Fixed Super 530D jettison: pylon
  • Fixed Electric system Red flood lighting should work with DC power only
  • Fixed radar is forced Off instead of P on the ground
  • Fixed Electric system VTH, VTB, PCA and PPA should not work on DC power only.
  • Fixed cockpit lightings & controls
  • Fixed Rockets Burst/Continuous fire mode
  • Fixed S-530D (PPA) Auto/Man
  • Fixed ECS COND now in correct initialization position
  • Fixed Flashing of FREIN when gear coming down
  • Fixed CROSS light when parachute deployed
  • Aircraft now kicks out of APP mode when weight on nose wheel
  • Added more community based key bindings
  • Initialization with cold has Pitot-Static heat to OFF
  • Initialization with cold has VOR/ILS and TACAN to OFF
  • Initialization with hot on ground has VTB to ON
  • Initialization with hot on ground has ECM and RWR to ON
  • Initialization with cold has ECM/RWR mode select to STANDBY
  • Initialization with hot on ground has Nav, Anti-Collision, and Landing Lights to ON
  • Initialization in all cases has ECM/RWR volume to 70%
  • Volume dial for ECM/RWR now driving volume of ECM/RWR sounds
  • Updated TACAN to allow channel 0 to 9
  • INS Mode Selector now in correct click direction
  • CDVE (FBW) Test switch now has 3 position switch logic
  • Added New CCM options
  • Added MAGIC Coolant management
  • Added 530D Prep and Stby
  • Added MAGIC Prep and Stby
  • Added Bomb fuzing
  • Added Bomb release.
  • Added Delay time for launching missiles
  • Added 530D Missile Selector functionality.
  • Added Auto STT when launching 530Ds in TWS.
  • Added 530Ds do not launch if there is no radar lock.
  • Added Guns burst/continuous fire.
  • Added Guns firing rate selector enabled.
  • Added Fixed outboard rocket pods HUD bug.
  • Added Salvo fire notification in HUD
  • Added Rockets TOT/PAR functionality
  • Added Rockets firing method.
  • Added Abort launch feature
  • Added INS update: bullseye selection.
  • Added INS Alignment update
  • Added INS Auxiliary Gyro Enabled
  • Added INS Damage
  • Added INS Data entry and validation (WiP)
  • Added INS Data entry (WiP)
  • Added INS Flightplan update (WiP TBT)
  • INS Drift Error (WiP)
  • INS Status and Keyboard lights update
Aircraft Particular Options enabled:
  • TOT/PAR default value
  • Rocket burst count
  • Laser code for GBUs (Not enabled)

Aircraft Special Options enabled
  • INS not requiring alingment
  • Disabling gyro drift for INS
External and Cockpit Models:
  • Removed duplicated Ada Chambreis livery
  • Fixed police light missing halo + lightened zone to enhance
  • Rudder trim paddle clickable (rudder trim control needs tuning still)
  • Trim mode dial clickable and texture fixed for secondary mode
  • Trim secondary mode stick animated
  • Trim hat on stick animated in normal mode
More News to the front.....

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