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Razbam Mirage 2000C updates in progress on weapon system to the next patch.
Folks, the PPA is now active and will be included in the next update.

These are the active features at this time:

  • MAGIC IIs now have a lifetime of 90 minutes since start of flight on the ground, 80 minutes if you start in the air.
  • MAGIC IIs can be placed in STANDBY mode in order to increase their lifetime.
  • Activating the MAGIC IIs take 30 seconds and decrease the lifetime by 10 minutes.
  • If the MAGIC II lifetime reaches 0, the missile becomes inert and cannot be launched.
  • Super 530Ds also have a lifetime but this one is counted in hours so there is no immediate effect in DCS.
  • Super 530Ds can be placed in STANDBY mode. STANDBY mode is SOP for ferry flights and AAR.
  • Activating the Super 530Ds take 45 seconds.
  • Missiles that are in STANDBY cannot be launched.
  • All missiles will be active from the beginning when you start in the air. Otherwise they will go thru the activation process.

  • Bombs now require fuze selection.
  • By default, in both ground and air starts, the bombs are in SAFE (INT, meaning INERTE, which is French for INERT) mode. In this mode the bombs will NOT explode under any circumstances.
  • You MUST select a fuze option before release, either RET, meaning RETARD, which is French for DELAY, in this mode the bomb will penetrate before exploding; or INST, meaning INSTANTANÉ, French for INSTANTANEOUS, in this mode the bomb will explode on contact.

The other PPA options will also be enabled in due time, but these ones are going to be available in the next release.
Okay folks these are the latest for the PPA:

TOT/PAR button functionality is now enabled.

- Super 530D: you launch BOTH missiles at the same target. There is a 2 seconds delay between each missile launch.
- Rockets: you fire ALL the rockets in both rocket pods with a single trigger press. If you carry rockets in the outboard pylons, those will be fired first, to fire the inboard rockets you will have to press the trigger again.
- Guns: Will keep firing as long as you keep the trigger pressed.

- Super 530D: Only one missile is launched.
- Rockets: Only one rocket is fired from the selected pod. Pod selection is automatic.
- Guns: You fire a burst for each trigger press.

At this time by default the TOT/PAR selection is PAR.

For AA Missiles there is now a delay between pressing the trigger and actual launch:
- MAGIC II: There is a 0.50 seconds delay.
- Super 530D: There is a 0.80 seconds delay IF the radar is in STT mode. If the radar is in TWS mode, the delay will be 1 second. The radar will automatically switch from TWS to STT (it will also switch to HRF if in ENT) before the missile is launched. These delays apply to both TOT and PAR firing modes. The Super 530D will NOT launch if there is no locked target.
the updated patch bug list:
More News to the front.....

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