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Hi Stiebler,

thanks for your kind words! I'm happy that you like the mod.

You are correct about the medals for the crew. I have never thought about it But I neither have a good idea how to fix this

I must confess I'm a bit lazy keeping my mods up-to-date for all the different supermods. I assume most users of my mods are experienced players who have their own mod soup and can adapt the mods themselves.

Concerning the executable: It was created using pp ( in order to avoid a perl installation for users. If someone has doubts about the mod he can extract the script from the executable using, e.g., 7-zip, and then check the script and use it with his own perl installation.

I'm also looking forward to any improvements by Tycho! The ultimate goal would be to directly include it in SH3

Best, LGN1
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