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Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
Wow, that's really beautiful !
Thank you

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
But could we do a bit less detailed LH ? I mean details that allow us to recognize this LH as the La Vieille LH. Thus, we could use this model at different locations. So, I think that we should delete the small devices around the building (red arrows) :
I am striving to make the present model as similar to the real thing as I can. I nonetheless had your same thought. All the details that you pointed to, are in separate meshes than the main model, and they are removable with just one click. Once I release the model as La Vieille, it will be easy for me creating another generic light house model based on the previous one.

In general, my idea is having a few basic lighthouse models which can be placed in various locations in game (where real lighthouses are/were to be found during the 40s), and then slowly replacing at least a few of them with realistic representations of real lighthouses. SHIII has not a Real Navigation mod yet, but in SH5 with RN, landmarks can be as important for the calculation of position fixes as they were in real life before the GPS era

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
And could you create a transparent glass at the top of the LH ?
It is. If you look closely at the detail of the gallery in the picture at the bottom of my previous post, you will be able to see the lantern (a Fresnel lens) through it glasses.
Onestly I didn't put much attenction in fine tuning the material properties in the obj model that I am working on. Anyway how transparent those glasses are going to be in the release (dat) version, is a matter of setting their material properties properly in S3ditor.

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
Yes, but what's that ?
An ambient occlusion map is a texture featuring prerendered shadows, calculated by some 3D editing programs based on the geometry of an object, and it is meant to represent the shadows that the various parts of the same object would cast on each other under a diffuse light. Simplifying, you can see it as a texture with shadowing, enhancing the perception of 3-dimensionality of a model rendered on a 2D surface.
Usually I overlay AO maps on the diffuse map (the one which is currently referred to as "texture"), but due to the complexity of the current model I had to make its diffuse UV map overlapping, otherwise its textures should have been gigantic. As a consequence, if we want the model to have an AO map I will need to create a secon channel (i.e. a non-overlapping UV projection) that the AO map will be rendered on (due to its topological nature, AO map "baking" doensn't work well with overlapping UV projections). Doing that is relatively easy in SHIV-5, but it is my understanding that this feature is only partly supported in SHIII. The lack of AO maps is why most stock ships look "flat" in SHIII compared to its later reincarnations (besides its models having a lesser number of polygons)
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