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Originally Posted by clayp
Does NHancer over ride the NV control panel....I have a 8800ULTRA..Do you think this would make my pic any better? Its pretty nice now...The rest of the system

Core 2 Duo X6800 @3.24
Asus Motherboard P5BDELUXEWIFI
OCZ 2Gig 15-5-5-5 memory kit DDR2 OCZ2N1066SR2GK 2 x 2 gig kits
(4 gigs total)
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra BFGE88768UE
Western Digital 160gig sata II 16mb
Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer SB0730VP
Cooler master CM Stacker 830 Silver
OCZ Gamer extreme PS 1010wat OCZ1010GXSSLI
Samsung Optical (DVD/CDRW)
Windows XP Pro 32bit SP2
Yes, nHancer will override any settings on the nVidia control Panel. If you use Nhancer you don't need to use nVidia control panel to adjust 3D settings. I use it (with ntune) just for overclocking and general video settings.
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