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It has been a long time since I posted anything about GF in WT......well here we go

Game is out of CBT and Russian and German tree's are filling up now, and now they have introduced US tree which is about half what the other tree's are.

But in my opinion Gaijin has allot of work to do on the game modes which they are "working on"

for example in arcade mode (which I play currently ) they gave the player the ability to earn short flight in aircraft to either bomb and strafe GF along with fighters to try and shoot the other teams bomber's, unfortunately these flights take place and your tank is stationary and a sitting duck, so you have to be careful were you park or once your flight is done, your tank might also be destroyed too.

Problems have come up with this idea, the main problem is heavy bombers being able to take out a large number of the teams vehicles in one pass, no much fun when you are bombed from an aircraft that you did not even see coming, nor do you have the ability to shoot back,unless you are in a self propelled AA vehicle .

the other problem is that the players that choose to use their aircraft in suicide runs ramming tanks from above.

this in my opinion is a huge problem that must be solved before I would say that War Thunder GF is a fun game to play .

well going to try Realistic mode and see if it is any better.

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