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external resistance "VS-33А" (I - voltage control - II) is implemented en el Mil Mi-8
News No.11

The external resistance "VS-33А" I РЕГУЛИРОВАНИЕ НАПРЯЖЕНИЯ II (I - voltage control - II) is now implemented.

After generators are turned on it's needed to activate load and check voltages of the busses. As a load should be turned on: rectifiers, maximum possible quantity of DC consumers, radios and navigation equipment. Voltage can be controlled via rotary switch according to voltmeter VF-0.4-250 indication.

Electrical system also contain voltage control between generators' phases (line voltage), external power and ~115 V lines voltages control. The external resistances "VS-33А" I РЕГУЛИРОВАНИЕ НАПРЯЖЕНИЯ II (I - voltage control - II) adjust generators' voltages to 204 V. In operation of electrical system phase-to-phase (line voltage) generators' voltages should be within the range of 200 to 208 V.

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