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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
....They don't want Wolfpack to be another subsim in the mold of SH and most of the others before it. It's time to play a different way.

hello Neal,

i think that sh series (i mean sh3 ,sh4 and sh5) are very overestimated in regard to be considered as simulators. From sh1 till sh2 things were developed smoothly in sim parts but ,after that, sh3 (...sh4...sh5) brought nothing new on sim development.
With sh3 they presented additionally on sh2 : a)some nice 3d graphics (thats ok) , b) a crew 'management' system (which is non interesting part for a simulator and the devs themselfs 'admited' that by making it automatic in sh4) and c) -and most interesting feature- the dynamic campaign.Which campaign proved not so 'dynamic' becuase of the repetation of known sunk ships or the randomness of ships following allways the same route from the same startpoints. This feature was really interesting but needed development,something that left unfinished to the next versions too.End result is that campaign left half 'dynamic' and were no any development to the only (imo) new interesting feature that sh3 presented.
On the other hand in sh3 ,sim elements that were allready built in sh2 vanished ,things like the target's dial heading,the torpedo's run time dial , the impact angle dial (which reappeard in sh4) or the elevation degrees scale in scopes and they added nothing new.
From my point of view,the point that 'saved' these 'simulators' all these years is exactly the fact that they were very easily moddable and people loved that.

For these been said and from what i am reading from subsimers all these years ,their deep desire (and mine) is a pure sub simulator.We never had that (after sh2) and next sh versions failed to deliver. i don't believe that anyone really wants one more reproduce of sh series as you wrote in your message. One more thing that history show is that 3d graphics is not making the trick anymore so the gameplay is what must be the top priority. ( graphics can be up leveled any time later)

I agree with you that it is time to play a different way but by 'different' i mean that it is time to play (at this life) a real sub simulator.That is what is really missing ,we don't have it all these years so it is wrong to say that we had it with sh3,4,5 becuase we didn't.

Don't take me wrong, i am not shooting the project here.On the contrary,i really like the project and some of its features (i have written about it on some other of my posts) , i am just putting my thoughts for a constructive (future?) development that i believe will be a real success.

Closing my message and resuming it , i would suggest to focus on three things (with that order): 1. sim elements , 2. gameplay and 3. as possible it can be...moddable.
3D Graphics can wait and can be done any time later,allready they are at an ''acceptable'' level.

ps: ''Danger from the Deep'' were on a good road and it was really sad that they discard it. Atmospheric and focused

all the best to the efforts for a making a really good game
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