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Originally Posted by derstosstrupp View Post
I've been following the development with a lot of interest - the visuals look outstanding from what I've seen in the videos, very promising and great work!

I am wondering about the details of the TDC. SH3 and SH5 unfortunately both got it wrong to an extent and left out one major detail which was a defining feature of the German TDC. Although the TDC didn't track the target per se like the American one did, There was a feature called "Lage laufend", which, when activated, automatically updated the Gyro angle to account for any subsequent motion of the U-boat. In SH3 and SH5, if you change course, you need to redo your inputs, a huge disadvantage that wasn't necessary in real life. It was a common tactic of the U-boat to shoot "im Abdrehen", "while turning", during a night surface attack to enable a quicker escape, a tactic which was made possible by this feature of the TDC.

Not sure how far along in terms of development of this aspect of the Sim you are, but would be great to finally see!
You are correct, and this is a feature that we have implemented. When the u boat is turning, the AOB (but not the heading or distance) values are updated.
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