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Default Totem Games: Ironclads 2 Philippines 1898. We need help...

We need help in checking the text for the intro to a new game scenarios. Thank in advance.

In the 1890s San Francisco is the largest
seaport of transpacific trade.

American merchant ships are loaded goods here.

A month later, the goods are unloaded in the harbors of Asia. During the voyage ships are forced to replenish supplies only in foreign harbors.

US Navy is ready to protect the interests of American trade. The problem is that no coaling stations and naval bases in the Pacific and Asia...

In the same time Spain's power over its colonies in the Pacific weakened. Philippines rebelled against the metropolis.

Spain almost pacify insurgents, but...

The shocking outcome of the Battle of Manila Bay spurred the Spanish government to organize a relief expedition.

Coming battle between the rising and falling empire!
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